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How to Create Free QR Codes Easily?

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Select any type of content you want to show the person after they scan it. You can choose from extensive selection which includes URL, Text, Email, Call, SMS, WIFI and Bitcoin.

Fill In The Fields

Enter your data into the fields provided by the generator. If you wish to change the data after printing, try MetriQR, dynamic QR Code management platform.


With our QR Code generator you can customize your QR Code to your liking. You can use your brand colors and logo. You can also customize the shape.


After you have finished creating your QR Code, set the desired resolution and click the Download button. Your QR Code will be saved in .png format.

Keep track of your QR Codes.

MetriQR is a dynamic QR Code management & analytics platform that helps you to drive traffic and connect with your audience.

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Track the performance of your Dynamic QR Codes over time. Our QR Code manager shows you the most essential tracking stats in our analytics.


Organize your QR Codes by keeping them in separate campaigns folders.

Reach more people

QR Codes are growing every year. There is a huge potential for marketers who are considering adding a QR Code to their campaigns.

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MetriQR offers affordable plans starting at just $5/month. There's no commitment so you can cancel any time!

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Check how your QR Code is doing in just one click. MetriQR lets you know where your users are coming from.

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Customize Your QR Codes

Design your QR Code to your likings. Use your brand colors and your logo to make your QR Codes more engaging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is QR Code?

Quick Response (QR) codes are two-dimensional barcodes that contains much more information than standard barcodes. They were first designed in 1994 in Japan by the company Denso Wave QR Code design is simple, black squares in a square grid on white background.

How to scan QR Code?

On newer phones, you can use the built-in camera app to scan QR Codes. If your camera app doesn't support QR Code scanning, you will need to download QR Code scanner from the app store.

Is there a scan limit?

No, there is not any limit. You can scan the QR Code as many times you want!

My QR Code is not working, what can i do?

If your QR Code won’t scan, make sure there is enough contrast between background and foreground colors. Don’t forget that foreground color must be darker than the background color!

Can I change the content after printing?

Unfortunately, that is not possible. Static QR Codes are fixed, that means that data is directly embedded into the QR Code. You will need to generate new QR Code to apply any changes.

If you want to change the content after printing, you need to use Dynamic QR Codes. With Dynamic QR Codes you can even track scans! If you need Dynamic QR Codes, we recommend you to use our service MetriQR.

Is Creating QR Codes Really Free?

Yes! you can create as many static QR Codes you want and they will work forever. You are free to use them for both commercial use and personal use.

Are you storing my data?

No, we are not storing any data regarding your QR Codes. Your QR Codes are generated locally, that means your QR code data won’t even reach our servers!

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